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Compilation report dual dating

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If a company changes its ownership type or structure in the current year and it has an impact on financial statement reporting or disclosure, the prior period comparative statements must also be restated as if the change occurred at the beginning of that year.This keeps the comparability of the two statements clear and reflects only real changes in operations.

For example, if a company was required to or chose to switch from a last-in-first-out inventory costing policy to a first-in-first-out, the inventory valuation on the prior year comparative statements would also be restated to follow the new policy.However, securities law and regulatory practice in this particular jurisdiction do not require the recognition, in its reissued financial statements, of events or transactions occurring between the time the financial statements were first issued and the time the financial statements were reissued.The national regulation requires the recognition in its reissued financial statements of only those adjustments that would ordinarily be made to the comparatives for the following year’s financial statements (e.g., adjustments for changes in accounting policy).Many Committee members expressed concern with the tentative agenda decision wording in that it did not directly respond to the question asked of the Committee.Specifically, these Committee members highlighted that the tentative agenda decision, while reflecting the tentative conclusions of the Committee at its November 2012 meeting, did not directly respond to the question of whether dual dating is permitted in IFRS financial statements.The specific question asked of the Committee was whether IAS 10 permits an entity to dual date its financial statements for the purpose of updating/incorporating subsequent events/comparative changes as of a date later than the date the financial statements were originally “authorised for issue”.