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(Nylon sleepwear set, via Ruby Lane) This period of time also saw the use of blended fabrics.

It is common to find garments from the latter part of the decade with blends such as 65% polyester/35% cotton, etc.

Also popular was the Mod movement, which took inspiration from trendy high fashion European designers.

The Mod look was well-tailored, with clean lines and very slim silhouettes.

Most notably, the hemlines of skirts and dresses rose above the knee in toward the middle of the era, thus creating the mini skirt.

(Typical early-60s dress, via Christine’s 1960s Fashion Page) During the early sixties, Jackie O. Two piece suits with pencil skirts and short tailored jackets were very popular, along with the “pillbox hat.” The hourglass silhouette was still fashionable, though skirts began to become narrower as time went on, eventually becoming slim-fitting pencil skirts. in the early 60s) As the decade progressed, the defined waistline of the 50s started to relax, giving way to garments that were either slim and tight fitting all the way through, or loose garments that hung off the body.

However, during the 60s, this began to change, especially later on in the decade.

(1960s dropped waist dress, via Mintage Clothing Co on Etsy) By the mid-60s mini and micro-mini skirts were all the rage.

Tent, shift, baby doll, and angel dresses all reflected the youthfulness of the time and were seen on the general public, as well as celebrities and musicians.

A huge indicator of a post-50s garment is what type of zipper it has.

During the 60s, toward the end of the decade, nylon zippers started to be used in place of metal ones.