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Secondly, there were idiosyncrasies such as the insertion of W between U and another vowel (e.g.destruo was pronounced destruwo, whence Welsh distrywio 'to destroy', and posuit, 'he placed' was pronounced posuwit (cf.W.clywed) which produced posiit in some inscriptions).

Even when things "go well," I'm just fed up with the stupid bullshit. I had a girl recently tell me she would "AMOG" me in a reply to my message. Aside from giving it to the girl, which was fucking retarded, its a pretty good idea.

But that's never the case, so it's imperative to talk to several women simultaneously to stave off celibacy.

Talking to 10 girls at a time is fucking ridiculous, IF they were all freely available to meet up and hang out.

Seems like he hasn't had much success either, from what I see he's only had 3 actual dates (sad to say, but it's better than I've done online. One thing I noticed about online dating (not limited to dating sites) is that conversation tends to go to the medium that you met.

Whenever a girl I meet from a dating site asks about my other prospects I always say "There are a few out there, but nothing spectacular".