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This would mean Strickland would have to issue a public notice trying to find the sperm donor, whom the couple knows only as Donor No. That ruling essentially signaled to lower courts that Obergefell applied to birth certificates in Arkansas and elsewhere.

2687, to give him an opportunity to exert his parental rights—even though Littrell told justices that Kimberly had to sign an agreement that she would never seek to identify the donor. Hodges, which legalized same-sex marriage nationally. "So what your argument is is that common sense says a male and female are the only ones that can produce a child, so we need to treat same-sex couples differently, that's what you're saying? "No, your honor, because in my opinion, if you have a same-sex or opposite-sex couple that uses either a donor sperm and(/or) donor egg, then both of those couples need to terminate the donor's rights and either adopt the child or be acknowledged, because what you have is in this case, they talk about he's unknowable, he's un-findable—the sperm donor—all they had to do was serve him by publication, your honor," Grant said. Grant said it is up to the Legislature to change the part of state law that says a father cannot terminate parental rights if a child is conceived by artificial insemination. Supreme Court issued their opinion in the Pavan case after Judge Grant granted his divorce judgment for Christina and Kimberly, so the Mississippi Supreme Court will have to decide how to apply Obergefell and Pavan to Strickland's case.

Adoption can be complicated, but a Jackson adoption attorney can assist with your case.

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That the Court therefore concludes that Z is a child born during the marriage, not of the marriage, because the conception of Z is impossible between two females." Strickland appealed to the Mississippi Supreme Court after the ruling, and Littrell told justices last week that Strickland wants the court to reverse Grant's decision and declare Christina a legal parent of Z.

Birth Certificate Questions Not even two minutes into Littrell's presentation, Chief Justice Bill Waller asked her why the State was not a party in the case if Christina wanted to be added to the birth certificate.

Whether you are considering the possibility of adopting a stepchild after getting married or are thinking about adoption under different circumstances, a Jackson adoption attorney can assist you. Hall, PC we regularly provide representation to clients in Jackson, MS who are seeking to adopt a child.

It is important to understand that adoption processes can be complicated, especially when one or both of the biological parents are still involved and have voice opposition to the adoption.

"The state was discriminating against her and this family at the time by laws that have since been struck down should not justify continued discrimination," she said.

Littrell said that the Mississippi Supreme Court's ruling in the case could affect thousands of children in the state born to same-sex and opposite-sex couples who use assisted reproduction technology to have children. The court is empowered to recognize a common-law rule that says when children are born to a married couple that used assisted reproduction and anonymous donated sperm, those children are deemed in law legitimate.

"We are talking about children who are born to married couples. And there are a number of sister courts, where there is no statutory guidance, that come to this conclusion that protects the family, protects the child, that ensures that the child doesn't become a ward of the state." Z will not become a ward of the state in Christina and Kimberly's particular case, Justice Michael Randolph pointed out, but Littrell argued that allowing Judge Grant's ruling to stand is an "inherently unjust and unnecessary result." Obergefell Implications Prentiss Grant, who represented Kimberly in the arguments, told Supreme Court justices that Christina did not use a legal tool that he says could have remedied her parental-rights predicament.

When the court decides whether to grant an adoption, it focuses on what is in the best interests of the child.

The statute makes clear that any person can be adopted under Mississippi law, although there are limitations on the adoptive parents.